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Management Training

Skills Training - Education - Leadership Development -Managers & Supervisors

Hands-on Participation

Hands-on learning and a high level of learner participation are the basis of all of our management training sessions. Our training workshops focus on the realities of the workplace and provide managers, supervisors and new leaders the practical skills and tools required to be successful in today's challenging business environment.

Customized or As-Is

Management development workshops can be delivered as designed or customized to meet your specific learning objectives. We will create a curriculum of programs specifically for you, allowing a 'mix and match' of leadership skills if that is what you need.


We want to make your managers and supervisors successful by providing them with practical skills and knowledge.  When you leave a Berrant Group seminar you won't be questioning if you can apply the skills and concepts taught.

Great Environment

Our training environment is relaxed, fun and participants are very involved, leading to higher retention and more effective learning.

"Amazing how much I learned and will be able to apply. Plus, had a lot of fun too!"