Team Decision-Making

Team decision-making can lead to more thorough and creative solutions with higher commitment and buy-in. It can also be painfully slow and lead to needless arguments that digress and waste time. This session focuses specifically on teaching tools that will help gain mutual understanding of the decision required, identify criteria, options and choices quickly, while ensuring the right amount of discussion takes place. The result is better decisions reached through positive group interaction.

Upon completion of this training session participants will be able to:

  • Recognize when you are and are not in a decision-making situation

  • Identify the type of decision being considered

  • Identify the importance of criteria in the decision making process

  • Examine three styles of decision-making and the advantages of each

  • Determine when and when not to attempt to reach consensus when working with others

  • Align the best decision making style to a variety of circumstances

  • State the relationship between decision-making and problem solving

  • Learn and apply a variety of tools to assist teams and groups in the decision making process