Workshops: Quality Customer Service

This Berrant Group workshop provides an understanding of today's customers, what they expect and demand, and how to ensure your organization stays in tune. We look behind the scenes to ensure that your organization is positioned to deliver quality customer service. We also look out front making sure that the face-to-face aspects are maximized and the approach goes "beyond the smile".

Those attending this workshop will be able to:

  • Identify a helpful model for viewing the delivery of quality customer service

  • Recognize each customer's true “drivers” and position products and/or services accordingly

  • Understand the interdependencies and relationships between various departments and suppliers, and their effect on the delivery of truly outstanding customer service

  • Establish the most appropriate way to ensure there is minimum impact on the customer when service disruption is inevitable

  • Understand the relationship between the participation level of the customer and the degree of influence the customer has on the service offering