Workshops: Profit & Cash - The Business Literacy Board Game

The best-known financial board game in North America, Profit & Cash, provides a fresh approach to learning finance and sets the groundwork for anyone who manages a budget or wants to increase their confidence when making financial based decisions. Don't accept a boring, lecture driven financial training program when you can learn in an interactive and fun workshop.

Profit & Cash provides the knowledge that allows everyone to understand the organizations financial objectives. Participants will learn how to read a balance sheet and an income statement and use that information to make better business decisions.

This workshop teaches the following points and more:

  • Profit is not the same as cash

  • A company increases profits by increasing revenues and lowering or controlling costs

  • Computing simple ratios and percentages can check a company's financial health

  • Sales numbers affect the company's Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements

  • How debt impacts business decisions

  • Why cash flow is a company's lifeblood