Workshops: Presentations with Impact

The single most important objective of a presentation is not the transmission but the reception. The preparation and planning of the presentation must not be created for the speaker but for the audience. This workshop addresses both the planning side of presentations as well as the presentation itself. Learn how to create a presentation that aligns with the audience's needs. Once that is done, discover and practice key delivery skills that will polish your business presentations.

This workshop is most suited to those that have not had previous training in delivering presentations and is limited in number to ensure maximum involvement and practice opportunities.

As a participant in this workshop you will:

  • Identify the objective of a presentation

  • Understand how to plan for a variety of audiences

  • Create the basic framework of a presentation

  • Understand the importance of an effective opening and closing for a presentation and what is required

  • Identify what must be considered when creating and using visual aids in a presentation

  • Understand how to control nervousness and make stress work for you, not against you

  • Determine how to manage questions and objections during and after a presentation

  • Recognize when a presentation can get off track and identify how to prevent that from happening