Workshops: Practical Project Management

Our clients asked for a common sense approach to Project Management and we responded. Tackling today's project focused environment requires a straightforward, down to earth approach. In our most popular program you will learn practical, effective tools, and proven processes that will ensure your projects stay on track and your deliverables are achieved.

Those attending Practical Project Management will learn how to:

  • Establish effective communication lines from the start

  • Develop concise intended outcomes and deliverables

  • Build a Project Charter that is simple, yet effective in getting your projects off to the right start

  • Recognize and prevent common Project Management problems

  • Use criteria to determine your tasks and measure the project

  • Identify and evaluate risks and contingencies

  • Effectively determine resource requirements

  • Use a Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt Chart and Network Diagram to manage your project

We have taught Practical Project Management to the staff of U.B.C., S.F.U. and several local governments throughout Metro Vancouver for the past ten years.