Workshops: Coaching and Developing a High Performing Team

Developing and Coaching a High Performing Team provides a solid foundation that will ensure your team members and leaders have the skills and knowledge required to work as a group.

Our experience and background in leading, facilitating and teaching teams has enabled us to create a framework from which you can build a self-sustaining and truly effective work team.

In order for teams to be successful in the workplace, key structural and behavioural elements must be put in place. Within the first hour of the program participants will experience, first hand, the issues associated with trying to create a high performing team. This interactive simulation translates into real opportunities to identify, address and capitalize upon the shared knowledge of the group.

Program topics include:

  • Characteristics of High Performing Teams

  • Essentials For Success

  • Stages of Team Development

  • Creating trust and Commitment

  • Building a sustainable team structure

  • Coaching Individuals, Leading Teams