Workshops: Business Process Improvement

Change occurs daily in our business lives and often that change is not reflected in our daily operating processes. Continually improving our work processes allows the organization to function at its peak and allows managers to spend less time fighting fires and more time preventing them. This workshop looks at business from a process perspective and will help you define, plan and implement improvements and optimize your daily management activities.

Those attending this workshop will learn how to:

  • Understand the process oriented horizontal view of business

  • Define and describe business processes

  • Determine the major work processes and the work group responsible for them

  • Use a flow chart to determine how the process works, identify breakdowns, and highlight which areas require improvement activities

  • Align key processes to internal and external customers

  • Understand in general terms each step of the Process Improvement Model and its continuity

  • State the objectives of the most important work processes

  • Understand the essential nature of measurement

  • Determine the needs and expectations of the most important customers

  • Apply a five-step model that systematically defines and identifies opportunities for improvement