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The Berrant Group is an international training and facilitation firm based in Vancouver. Since 1995 we have provided Management and Business Skills Training, Planning Facilitation and Consulting Services.

Grant Penner and Ian Berry are the principle partners of The Berrant Group and each provide over twenty years of training, facilitation, consulting and operational experience. A balanced perspective, good sense of humour and the ability to zero in on your business needs form the essence of The Berrant Group.

Our approach balances strong, results-oriented objectives with a unique style that supports our strong belief that work must also be fun to be effective.

Our clients range from private to public sector, high tech to manufacturing, and small to large sized organizations. We have conducted group sessions throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

"What we provide is core to any organization regardless of the sector. It just makes for good sound planning and management practices. If it's not practical it probably won't get implemented."


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Five Interviews